Angst on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

Dear World,

Why are finals in use today? I was so certain that forced labor had been banned already. My mother clearly has not grasped this concept, because as i said, rather loudly, “I have to study for the damn finals, I don’t have time for a PSAT!”

Did she listen? Did Galileo listen when the Pope told him to stop printing his offensive Copernican theories?

The answer to that, my friends, is no.

So here I am, Sunday evening, mental block, and procrastinating. I swear, if procrastinating was a sport, I’d be the captain. The only small breezes of hope keeping me from sinking into the hole known as pre-Finals Dread, are these:

  • Warm Bodies is coming out soon!
  • My laptop is getting fixed so my sister can stop shooting me death glares when I use hers.
  • There’s a cutie in one of my classes!
  • Libraries haven’t been banned by the government yet (if you have read Fahrenheit 451, like I woefully had to, you would understand. If you don’t, it means the government doesn’t want us to think, and what do books and controversy make you do? Think. Not saying I agree with it, but it’s food for thought.)
  • My nail polish is appropriately gothic and girly (another paradox).
  • Somewhere in the world, someone is having a fairytale romance.

 Is it kind of sad that these measly things are the only things keeping me from burning my books and dancing around the flames vengefully? Probably. But hey, this blog isn’t called Angst for nothing.

  1. So let me address the above, cause you’re probably baffled/ annoyed right now. Warm Bodies is  a movie I saw in those trailers you watch at the theaters, and I have fallen in love. It seems funny, the guys is protective, and even as a zombie is adorable! Plus, if I had to endure another vampire-werewolf dilemma, I’d go bat-shit crazy. I’m going to be first in line to watch it, but if it has a depressing ending, I’m likely to attack the screen and be removed by security.
  2. My sister’s very STRONG knee smashed into my laptop, which I had left lying on my bed. When I opened the screen, I wasn’t expecting it to be damaged (I’ve sat on it accidentally before),  and I happened to be alone. I was even opening it because it was silent and I was spooked. SO imagine my surprise when I open it to find two cracks with red running down either sides of the screen. I didn’t realize until I got downstairs that it was because of my sister and not because a ghost had decided to crack the screen as a warning that it was coming to possess my soul. So now it’s at the repair shop, and I’m hopeful that it’ll come back blood- less.
  3. So I knew this guy last year. He was in one of my classes, but he was too charming, attractive, and popular. I’m fairly well- known and involved in my school, but he has jock cred. So I disliked him based on principle. My last crush ended a few weeks ago ( before I found out he was gay, which was a bit of a shock), so my dislike is wavering now that he’s in my physical nonsense class. I’m very wary of the charm, but he’s growing on me.
  4. I love reading, and I’m an author hopeful. Simple as that.
  5. It’s pink with black crackle on a few fingers, and dark mauve on the others!
  6. I’m one of those girls that has bunches of crushes, but never really does anything about them. I don’t have time, nor the energy. I’m a bit of a romantic/ cynic. I believe that romance is possible ( my mandate for books is at least a hint of romance), and that it is wonderful. What I don’t buy is that it happens willy- nilly, or that it’s fate. I think we carve our path through life, and someday ours will stumble across somebody else’s, and they will forever remain weaved together. So kudos to the one’s living their romance: at least now you have someone who will listen to your angst and either call you up on your bull, or throw a cushion at your face and tell you to go to bed 🙂

Have Finals? No problem! It's a three day weekend! Wait. It's Sunday.

Have Finals? No problem! It’s a three day weekend!
It’s Sunday.


Viva la Vida,




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