The Degeneration of our Generation

Nice assonance going on in the title, right?

The title describes what’s happening to this generation in a nutshell. Now, I’m perfectly aware that this isn’t new, that everywhere people are complaining about the growing usage of sexting and so on with teens. But I also have a different point to argue: that it’s not the teenagers fault, it’s society’s.

Lets talk about the symptoms of today’s adolescent. cussing, vile language, procrastination, carelessness, disrespect, etc etc. Adults aren’t stopping, but I don’t think it’s their fault. A parent has an inherent desire to make their child happy and provide them with what they think is best. So a parent gives a ten year old an iPhone 5, or a twelve year old a laptop. They don’t have time to supervise them, and just trust that their little angels aren’t going to do anything bad. But they forget; we teenagers are the best liars there are.

Teens start texting, and while they are perfectly aware of peer pressure’s existence  how do you know when you are being pressured? There should be a little nudge at the back of the brain that whispers ‘This is wrong’. But as time grows on, that little nudge is fading away. Parents, teachers, counselors are throwing their hands up in exasperation. “We can’t change all of them! What will it affect?”

It will affect that one teen you saved. That kind of mentality is preposterous. I can already think of a few changes: MONITORING. For heaven’s sakes’, don’t give your children private laptops until they’re older and more mature, and even the keep progressively checking their searches. There are so many predators out there, why would you allow your child to venture into the snarling hole of the internet?

Facebook: The epitome of problems. Oh, I’m not saying Twitter is peachy keen, but it’s popularity, in my opinion, pales to that of Zuckerberg’s innovation.    There are millions of children under twelve on Facebook exposed to adult pictures and language. Those children are going to grow up with the ‘funny’ jokes demeaning women, or the casual thing called commitment. America’s youth is heading in a downward spiral fast and unless we act, it’s only going to get worse.

Another complaint of mine is media’s view on sex. It makes it seem normal, even advises people to go out and have it, and if they don’t, they are ostracized. Being conservative is known as being ‘prudish’ or ‘too good and haughty’. Teens and children think that if they don’t have sex, they are unusual, and immature. This has culminated into teen pregnancies, suicide,depression, and prostitution. People may view it as being funny, and that its the kids fault for going on those things, but children NEED discipline. Teens WANT discipline. They need to know that there is someone who cares and watches out for them. So does that mean you might be a bit overbearing, and ‘uncool’? Who CARES? If that’s how it has to be, so be it. We’ll be thankful in the long run.

Something must be done to stop what is happening to the innocence and intelligence of today’s generation. Morals and ideals must be reaffirmed, no matter the cost. Before it’s too late.


Vera Calloway

Not owned by me

Not owned by me






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