March Madness


You can’t say it better than Patrick Star. School is in it’s last dredges (or so I like to think). From here on out, its the last counts till summer, and my first AP test. I don’t remember if I ever published that draft about my friend, but let me give a quick recap. Freshman year we were best friends, inseparable, and this year it went, in the word of Fran Drescher, kabootz. She was having a hard time with her classes, all honors and one AP , same classes as me. I was finding it challenging as well, but hey, that’s life. So things started getting more strained as one or the other of us became irritated at the others grades or ease with a certain class. I rocked history, she was top in math. I have a thing were I have a bunch of fading crushes (I don’t intend to look for love till I hit college) to keep life interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have crushes on guys unless my attention is brought to them somehow, even if they are devastatingly handsome. The beginning of this rocky year, who was my attention drawn to but Faith’s (thats the fake name I’m giving my friend) ex-boyfriend. Ironically enough, I had urged her to stay with him, but she had hated it and in the end, I’d drafted a breakup speech for her that she delivered over the phone to Jay (also fake name). He knew I was her best friend, and I had him for half my classes, so I developed a crush. It was annoying, there were awkward moments where it almost slipped, and ugh, THE GUILT. I wasn’t going to do anything, duh, but still. I told her eventually, and she didn’t seem to care at all. She was amused, in fact. It was kinda funny, since I knew squat diddly about Jay except for everything he had told Faith, who had in turn told me. So I barely talked to the guy. Eventually I started having more crushes (I still haven’t had one where it doesn’t fade with me wondering what I was thinking). Jay and I are semi-friends, and oh yeah, according to a source, he’s gay. I nearly collapsed with laughter when I found out, though I’m still not certain it’s true. Unfortunately, my friendship with Faith was deteriorating, fast. We had many, many fights, and I recently had a talking to with her about what was wrong with our friendship, and things have been marginally better. I know she’s trying, which is what matters. ANYWAY, I digress. This week kinda sucked. My fortune cookie tells me that a recurring dream of mine is my destiny. Wow, so this jerkish bully I once had a crush on is my destiny? How troubling. Between this and the Japan issue, I’m not sure which is more disturbing. 

PS. Random advice: If someone’s mad at you, wear a yellow dress. You can’t be mad at someone in a yellow dress.

Vera Calloway


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