Spring Fever


This is what I intend to do to my papers on Friday, as a sacrifice to spring break.


Yes, sweet freedom is just around the corner! Spring Break is almost here, and the repressed high school students of California wait with bated breath for Friday. All the teachers are becoming sour and bitter, slugging us with as many tests as we can bear, but that’s because they sense that soon their evil plot will be foiled. Soon, WE WILL BE FREE! Albeit, it’s only for a week, but you gotta take what you can get. For a bit of personal teen angst, I’m trying very, very hard to stop acting weird around this guy I used to like. There’s quite a bit of drama attached to the guy, but I have no trouble talking to other male specimen. It’s only this dude, and frankly, he’s not even all that exciting! I suppose it’s just because I’ve never been befriended a former crush before, so gaining the footing is weird. But I think this little personal crisis will fade soon. My crushes evolve monthly, but there’s always that little awareness to a former crush. Anyway, my biggest dilemma is passing my chem test, but you know what gets me through the day?




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