Prone To Kill


This picture does not belong to me, nor is it the logo for this book. It just looks pretty freaking awesome.

So I’m going to rebel and deviate from my usual gloomy/hopeful/ random topics to this one. Prone To Kill is the title of the newest book I am working on. Oh, don’t be so quick to mock me and say that everyone is writing a book nowadays. One of my books is already published, but under a pseudonym. Not to mention I was the top reader of my elementary school uncontested for five years (yeah, so I was a geek), and Language Arts I am a class prodigy. I just suck at math and science. Prone To Kill is the title I’m choosing for now, but it’s not rock solid yet. I’ll give you guys the overview, and if anyone has any title recommendations or notes, throw ’em at me!

Rokzana Varevna is a Russian assassin. Her parents were killed by American agents in front of her eyes as a child, and the Council, a top-secret dictatorial body governing Russia took her in. Rokzana and her baby brother Alexei lived in peace for a year, maybe, before the Council under Svetlana started to make their demands. Knowing the unnatural power Rokzana possessed in her, they needed Rokzana to be their ultimate weapon, and the only command they gave was the only one she refused to fulfill. 


Years of torture and abuse haunted Rokzana until she gave in to protect Alexei. Soon she was Russia’s most feared assassin, never seen but hanging like a guillotine over the heads of those who dared disobey the Council.

But something changes. An American threat has caused a rift in the Council, and soon Rokzana’s next mission might be the deadliest yet: travel to South Dakota, USA to find and spy on a group of teenagers that threatened to change everything. Suppressing her hatred of the nation that killed her parents, Rokzana merges into the sea of Americans at Dante’s Therapeutic Boarding School. There, she slowly discovers the horrors that haunt the school, the secret society lying under the calm surface, and a gang that chilled her blood. Fighting to maintain her cover under the suspicious Headmistress, the spies the Council had sent to check on her, and the group of talented teenagers, Rokzana discovers that another threat was on the already teeming horizon. Gabriel Calloway, an enigmatic student holds all the answers in his palm, but as Rokzana grows closer and closer to him, danger lurks in the corner. Will she be able to sacrifice her heart for the good of her country, or will she finally open her eyes and discover the secrets of the past, unlock the truth about herself and her powers, and ultimately destroy every truth she has ever known?

Okay, I realize that synopsis rather sucked, but I’m drinking copious amounts of coffee and procrastinating my work. I’ll post random updates about the book, more details and the expected publication date. I sincerely hope this book works, because I am sick and TIRED of people underestimating teenagers, and putting them down. Sure, we have us some bad bunches, but I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said that adults aren’t perfect either. Let’s see where this goes, hmm? 



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