We Are ALL Treasures. Leave Your Footprint on the World

I don’t think it’s possible to convey in words how sick and tired I am in the what i see everyday. I see it in myself, in others, and what’s sad is that some of us know it and don’t care. We’re slipping. Every one of us was a given a gift, an ability to shape the world with our own two hands. It doesn’t mean aspiring to be the president. It means taking what you have and excelling in it. It means using your ability to make a difference. I’ve succumbed to laziness, and a thoughtless, inane attitude. I don’t want instant gratification. I’ve felt how it was to be giving something everything you’ve got and seeing the results before your eyes. It’s the most powerful, moving experience you will EVER feel. Nothing compares. So knowing that when i sit to watch TV, or bury myself into a book for hours on end, that I’ve become a shell for other people to bask in their glory. We all have so much raw potential in us. History can attest to this. We’ve moved nations, changed lives, built countries with our hands. So many countries are built on the bones, blood, and sweat of the people who died to give us this opportunity. Time is our deadliest weapon. A student can top the records. A parent can nurture a child that can be their helping crutch when they get old. A worker can invent the newest innovation, or perfect an old one. A doctor could save millions of lives. There is so much knowledge, so many opportunities, and it is the worst crime of humanity that we are turning away from it. Our crime is bigger than any other generation’s. We have the ability to get anything at our disposal and ignore it while other’s never had it in the fist place. I don’t want to be a sheep. I don’t want to die leaving nothing behind. Having been nothing more than a passing face, checking in and out. I want to make an impact. I can affect someone profoundly in just a minute. I want to be the type of person that I’ve always dreamed of being. How many of us talk just to fill a silence? Don’t you want to mean what you say? How many of us diet for other’s? When you look in a mirror, what do you want to see looking back at you? How often do you cave to something you know is wrong, something you know you can stop if you want, but just choose not? We can become so much more than that. Our time can be used in a way that’ll be remembered, that’ll put a smile on other’ faces, and most importantly, on your’s. When I introduce myself to someone, I want it to say my name like I mean it. When I take a break to have fun with friends or family, I want to know that I’ve earned it. Image Imagine what we could do if we dedicated our time to helping others, or pouring our soul into something. We would be unstoppable. My dad always had a saying:

One pencil is easy to snap, but a pack can never be broken. 



4 thoughts on “We Are ALL Treasures. Leave Your Footprint on the World

  1. You have great passion in your writing, and I think the reason people including myself do not do more to make a difference is…fear. Fear of failure.

    Most people do not follow their dreams and make a difference because too often others squash our dreams with negative statements like, “that will never happen!”
    However, great achievements are in fact possible, and I enjoyed reading this post and hope you follow your dreams and get all out of life you hope.

    • Sorry, my reply keeps getting deleted. In my opinion the reason people try to squash dreams is because they know if you work hard and achieve it, they’re going to be forced to reassess themselves and what they’re all about, and they don’t want to do that.
      Thank you!! 🙂

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