Am I the Only One Who Noticed This?

I’m in high school, and I’ve just started seeing something that’s always been there, but never been questioned. 

Sports are segregated. 

Not racially, mind you, but gender specific. You have a boys basketball, volleyball team, etc, and then a girl’s replica. At our school there isn’t even a girl’s wrestling or football team. What gives? 

Even if there is the possibility that not too many girls would try out for the wrestling and football, they should still be given the option. I’m in European History, but my scant knowledge of American constitutions would agree that this is not right. Why would you put a girl’s team and boy’s team? There is no answer to that that doesn’t sound sexist and demeaning. How many people, if given the option, would go to a women’s volleyball game over a men’s volleyball game?

Let me tell you, not very many. Even I, a female, would go to the boy’s instead. Why? There’s way, way more hype surrounding the men’s game over the women’s. It’s just more popular than the alternative. So I ask you: how should this be fixed?

Mixing men’s and women’s teams would be a problem for the following:

  • The guy’s wouldn’t play they’re hardest because they’d try not to ‘hurt’ the girl’s
  • Flirtation and hormones would ran faster than a quarterback.
  • The whole physical element such as body slams and whatnot could prove relatively awkward for both sides. 

Sure those are potential issues, but if the team practiced and drilled, it wouldn’t be too long before those things weren’t even noticeable anymore. 

Here are the benefits of joined teams:

  • Powerful players from each team could work to win.
  • A wider spectrum of skill
  • Seriously, no decent guy is going to tackle or try an offensive move on a girl. This would give them a better advantage, and either cripple the other team, or cause a weird state of limbo.

Let me know what you think should happen!Image


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