Best Way to Induce Vomiting: Think of Testing!

To all you parents out there that have kids who are going into testing pretty soon, be it for state testing or AP testing, please remember one thing. 


Of course you want us to get good grades. Of course we know you want us to get good grades. Some parents can unintentionally park a truck load of stress on their teen’s shoulder’s by making comments like, “Let’s see how all that big talk about your grades is going to be during testing!” or “You’ve gone out with your friends a lot to study lately. Hope it reflects on your testing!” 

Hence, feeling queasy. I’m 9 days away from my first AP test, and I feel like I swallowed a live goldfish that’s swimming joyously in my stomach. 

So teens in my position, GOOD LUCK. Guys, it’s seriously not the be- all, end- all. Sure, it’s important, but driving yourself mad with nerves is generally going to make you more afraid= more likely to screw up come test day. Take breaks, breathe, exercise, listen to soothing music….just calm yourself.

‘Rents, I hope you guys are remembering to help your teen’s during these nauseating times. You guys need just as much luck getting them threw this as they need making it.


Today’s a hat day

Live long and Prosper!


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