Prone To Kill Update


Not my cover or my picture, but it’s wicked!

Hey y’all!

I promised that I would persistently post about my book, and so I shall. It still has the same synopsis from my other post, and the cover has been set! A girl with dark, short red hair, wielding a sword that she stabs through the earth. It’s gonna be EPIC.

Rokzana Varevna struggles between her duty and what her heart tells her is right in a delicate game that could end with disaster. Civil war brews near the surface back home in Russia, and she knows the Council harbors a secret army, deadly and wired to kill. Unless she can find a way to protect those she loves and protect her people, unprecedented bloodshed and death lurks in the horizon.

(This is told from a first person point of view. More exactly, Rokzana’s.)

Gabriel (tentative last name) has many dark secrets and treacherous sins in his past. He comes to Dante’s Therapeutic Boarding School to atone for all he’s done, and protect the Nadaný  that are being murdered in the school’s cursed grounds. When Rokzana Varevna, a striking and lethal girl becomes a student, Gabriel knows that she is hiding more than she claims. Will he be able to uncover Rokzana’s secrets without betraying his own? 


I’m not too great at summaries (obviously). That’s probably why the book is a more than 300 pages. A few sentences of explanation are NOT my style. Let me know if you have comments or questions! Interest is appreciated 😀 


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