Love As We Know It


It’s no mystery that we are all searching for that significant other. 

I’m sorry; I can’t vouch for what it is men are looking for. I would consult my brother, but he’s 12, and asking my dad is just weird, 

There’s the preordained checklist: He/she must have ___eye color, this/that job

Watching movies and reading books where the love is epic and perfect gives hope at first, but after awhile, it just makes you long for something. I can’t explain it, really. I’m not looking for a relationship until college, but there’s something romantic in thinking that the perfect person for you is out there. I wish time would speed up, so that we could live that fairytale romance already! Will it be Meg Ryan’s and Tom Hank’s funny love story from You’ve Got Mail?

Maybe it’ll be a bitter battle, like Ted Moseby (How I met Your Mother). All I know is that I’m an emotional person; I can relate to every song I listen to. 

What is love? A corny, sappy question, but one with merit. Its like a finger print; it’s different for each person. You can have a whirlwind romance, you can marry your high school sweetheart, you can fall for the guy who’s been by your side your entire side. 

I sound like a desperate romantic. I know the world is harsh, and somewhat sadistic. I’m not ready for reality, honestly. There are a lot of things that suck about being a sixteen year old girl. 

But being hopelessly in love with what might be isn’t one of them.


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