Surging Through The Present- and Backstabbing Frenemies




I haven’t blogged all summer, and that’s one thing I certainly wish I could change. People who have commented and liked my posts really helped me last year, and I’ve been a douche-canoe. Forgive me!

School’s started, and I’m a junior! Apparently this year is like Arthur’s Sword, and I’m hoping that my AP classes don’t drag me under. 

I’ve also learned something already. DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO TALK SMACK ABOUT YOU!

People can talk about you for a few reasons: 

  1.  They’re jealous of you and want other people to think badly about you
  2. They’re justifying themselves by demonizing others
  3. You have something or someone they want
  4. You’re life is amazing and they want to make their own pitiful lives interesting by spreading rumors about you


I know this from personal experience. A girl at my school is my own frenemy. Our relationship fell to that status last year, after she spread rumors about a party I had, that it was ‘uncomfortable’ and that I was ‘mean’. Excuse me? It was at that party that she’d turned all my friends against me by DEMANDING to know who my crush was! I would have told them if I wasn’t infuriated that she thought she had a right to know- we weren’t even close! And, I’d had a crush on my friend’s ex at the time. I have many meaningless crushes, so I just blurted out the name of one of them to get her off my back. My party was only my close friends. I even had my young siblings participate! It clean fin, for Pete’s sake! Yet she goes and tells everyone she knows that I’m a shit hostess or something. 

We’ve been clinging to civility by a thread since then. 

Recently, a mutual friend (who is way closer to me) asked her why we weren’t particularly friendly. She replied with, and I quote, “She takes joy in other people’s pain”. 


Sure, I have a mean streak- EVERYONE does! The nicest person has their dragon moments! I’m a complete mushball- I start tearing up at any sad scene in any movie, my heart breaks for any student who eats alone at lunch, and crying people make me bawl like a baby. Sometimes I’m curt, or rude, without meaning to. I’m never consciously mean! At least, I hope so. 

My only guesses are that she’s a) jealous that while she couldn’t handle the rigor of AP life, I’m thriving b) I’m more devout in my faith that she is c) my friends are waaay more loyal to me than her friends are to her. 

I don’t even know. She’s pretty and funny and moderately popular. I made friends with her freshman year because she seemed so nice. But all the subtle put-downs, back-handed compliments, and general snark just got to be too much. The party was the tipping point. 

I don’t think this episode with her is over, but I’m taking the high road here. 

ANYWAYS, don’t let people like that get to you. Seriously, ten years from now, you’re going to be like, “_____, who?” 

You’ll say this from your expensive office in the company you own, of course. 

I’m hoping to have more time to blog and read blogs, and I’d also like to ask anyone who’s in the mood for a funny teen romance story (there are some touchy elements in there, like stalkers, obsessions, prison, etc.) to read my new story “Dance With Me” on Wattpad.

Thanks my lovelies! Have a fantastic weekend! 


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