Academia Hysteria


Hello, oh wise ones of WordPress! I need advice, and where better to look than in a pool of the most intellectual people to be found online (yes, this is major kissing up). 

MY ISSUE: I’m in AP language Arts as a junior, and I want to drop the class. I hate dropping a class because it feels like I’m giving up and not focused on my future, but the worst part is my Dad. I’m aware he wants whats best for me and wants me to reach my full potential. He’s especially shocked because Language arts is usually a cake walk to me. But this is RHETORIC. And I’m falling behind in my other classes. I want to make my Dad understand without making him think I’m giving up, or that I’m weak, or that I don’t care about my future anymore. I just…I just can’t. Sometimes a person gets tired of comparing themselves to better people and wondering what they have that they don’t. 

Comments, advice, thoughts? Much appreciated!!


4 thoughts on “Academia Hysteria

  1. 1) Discuss where your interests are at? Do you find that studying literature is something you enjoy and something you want to continue to do beyond high school? If yes, then by all means continue to struggle. If not, then explain how you’d like more time to focus on the areas you think you’re more inclined to want to continue studying in the future.

    2) Remind your dad that one class in high school does not make or break your future.

    Finally, it is important to not only study in high school but to grow as an individual. To stretch out and discover what it is you enjoy, what you are good at, and have fun along the way. I never took one honors class in high school (1997-2001) nor AP course and yet, I earned a 4.0 in my masters and after working for a few years I returned to school to work on a Ph.D.–in my area of interest. It’s all about discovering where your passion is… follow your heart and head. Don’t over do it to impress anyone and good luck.

    UNC Doctoral Candidate
    Education, curriculum & instruction

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