The Name of the Game

Hey everyone, check out my blog specifically for books!

Books & Nooks

fknajgvlajsfnAlright, folksies. What this blog is supposed to do is give you something to read when you’re aimlessly scouring the Internet for books. I review, occasionally rant, or babble with the flair of a dedicated fangirl. It’s VERY recommended that you are sitting in a comfy couch with a warm cup of coffee (hot chocolate or tea is acceptable).

Any book you’d like my opinion on, I’m game. I might not get to it for a while, but I will. If you’re a hopeful author (like me) and you want to have a second-opinion on your book; don’t worry, I have no intention of writing a negative review of your book publicly, cause that’s just downright rude. I’ll also have some music that I like to listen to while I read.

About me: My name is Vera, and I’m currently an author hopeful. I have a story on Wattpad at 

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