What One Hears Among the Hormonally Driven


In all honesty, sometimes I wonder if high school is basically a glorified mating zoo. 

Being a teenager myself, I’m not as shocked as, say, a person born in the 40’s or 50’s would be. 

Typical sights:

  • A girl straddling a guy’s lap and trying to vacuum his mouth off
  • Excessive ass-grabbing
  • Red-eyed, slurring, rowdy boys (I harbor suspicions that they’re high, but they could just be extremely sleepy)
  • Breast-groping (girls and guys)
  • “exploring” (I don’t have anything against lesbians and gays, heck, I have really amazing friends that are are homosexual, I just have an issue with flagrant tonguing, whether it’s guy-girl or not)

Occasional snippets of conversation:

  • “Dude, I couldn’t get the condom off.”
  • “I wasn’t wearing a bra and the straps broke”
  • “That kid isn’t wearing underwear”
  • “Is bigger better?”
  • “He was like a jackhammer, it sucked.”
  • “Oh, I have a lot of experience”
  • “Her mom is hotter than she is.”

Those are the less gag-worthy ones, but I’ve heard many more thrown around. 

At least we know there isn’t going to be a population decrease with our generation, if you know what I mean. 


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