Dance With Me

Dance With Me

I know what you’re thinking. “She’s relentless!” 

Yup. I am. Tenacity does have it’s virtues. Dance With Me is a funny romance- and NO it’s not a chick-flick or a cliche. Sure, it’s got cliche elements-doesn’t everything in society? But there’s a darker side to this story that I think will appeal to readers, and it’s not at all about twinkly vampires and meek girls who’d I’d personally like to beat over the head with a baking pan for humiliating the female gender.


Here’s the intro:

“Don’t pretend that you don’t feel this, Ivy. Because if you don’t… I’ll just have to keep trying until you do.” After a nightmare of a past relationship, you’d think Ivy deserved to finish her senior year in peace. But no, that just wasn’t possible if Asher Grayson had anything to say about it. Think you’ve seen bad boys? You haven’t seen anything yet. Asher’s gone to juvie for vandalizing a strip mall, tossed a bouncer through a window, and gotten in more fights than Al Capone. And that’s on his off days. He’s rich, popular, and a heartbreaker. Definitely not who Ivy is looking for to pick up the pieces of her heart. But fate intervenes, and they need each other to graduate. How? By joining the National Dance Tournament. Asher is hiding a past that could threaten Ivy’s life, if the opinionated, nosy girl gets too close. And Ivy has a secret…a secret that shattered her soul and is coming back for more. Will they be able to protect each other from the past that haunts them? Or, will they even be able to make it to the National Dance Tournament without going at each other’s throats?


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