There is a Butt-Naked Apparition in my Bedroom


Butt Naked Feline Apparition


LOL. No, there isn’t (title) or else I wouldn’t be blogging about it; I’d be in the hospital having shock therapy administered on me. Thanks, GAC, you guys say the weirdest things. 

Point of the title: Where are you guys? 

I’m aware that WordPress is not particularly interactive, but I personally think that sucks BIG-TIME. It’s so much fun to talk and debate with people from all over the world, or even from our neck of the woods! I’m aware that I am a teenager, and yes, this may induce some adults to want to pat my head and walk away while I babble at their backs. 

Hopefully, that’s not the case here. 

I want to hear your thoughts and comments, and hey, if you want me to read or comment on a blog you feel strongly about, hit me up (I never understood that phrase, why would I want to be beaten, but whatever). 

Let’s start with this: Some of you may know the website Wattpad? Yes? Cool beans. I have a page on there, and a story that is quickly becoming my baby. It would mean the freaking WORLD to me if I could hear thoughts/ critique on it, because quite frankly, I’m not a professional writer (*cough* obviously). Here’s the website:

The story is called “Dance With Me”. No, it’s not a gritty, brilliant masterpiece that secretly belongs among the works of Edgar Allen Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson; it’s teen fiction! 

Anyway, I hope my blog can be a place where people can interact with their opinions and thoughts. 

And learn how to curse in different languages, that’s always fun.


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