But I’m Awkward Than That Princess Who Made Out With a Frog


Ah, another random, yet telling title.
Hello, folksies. It’s been a while.
So, for anyone who cares, this is a little blip on the life of Miss Vera, and I thought I’d share it, since talking to people I know has been less successful than trying to communicate to my dog that my shoes were not edible.
Yesterday, I was just sitting in history, reading a book that is irritating me to no end (but I have no time for another trip to the library) and waiting for the class clowns in my class to quiet down. My teacher places a little white slip on my desk, and my heart stutters.
I’ve been called to the counselor’s office.
The period passes by agonizingly slow, until my teacher gives me leave to head to the counselor’s office. It was a windy day, and I was mentally reviewing anything bad I could’ve done that might have warranted a call slip. Nothing came to mind. My idea of rebellion is staying up till the wee hours of the morning every night.
So I knocked on the door and smiled at my counselor (lovely woman, not one of the Grinch-esque old women with dried drool practically caked into their wrinkles).
“Hi!” I said nervously.
“Hey,” she smiled, and motioned for me to take a seat.
I sat, careful not to knock over one of her frames.
“Did I do something bad?” I blurted.
She looked up, startled. “No! Something good, in fact. Here, let me just get you a copy…”
She handed me a paper, and began explaining before I had a chance to read it. “You’ve been nominated to be interviewed for the American Auxiliary League, or Girl’s State. Do you know what that is?”
I shook my head no.
“It’s a program where you and many other girls campaign and ‘govern’ as if you were in your own state. You’d stay in a dorm for a week-if you’re selected- and it’s a great thing to put on a college app.”
Hopefully, the huge “HUH” in my mind wasn’t stamped on my face. “So it’s like we’re the government? And I’d be living there?”
“Uum…why was I nominated? Like, from everyone else? Who nominated me?”
She looks surprised. “Well, I did. And…you’re in AP Us history.”
Bear in mind, there are three APUSH classes. And I have a B. Personally, I think it’s cause I’m one of her favorite students, but I’m not sure.
-End of Dialogue
I headed to math after that (ugh), excited, wanting to screech. What an opportunity! An actual dorm! Government!
When I told my parents, my Dad’s excitement hit the roof. He went on about how could see me as Senator, popularity advice,etc etc. My excitement had dimmed a bit, and after I researched the program, was bordering on nausea. Hundreds of girls went, the brightest of the bright, and we had to campaign for positions. The interview wouldn’t be one on one, you’d be with the other girls vying to be delegates.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-social. But if you’ve been following my posts, you’re aware that I’m reserved with people I don’t know. Sure, I can be charismatic, charming, flattering….but only for a certain time. I have a social limit.
Then I’m more awkward than that princess who made out with a frog.
If by some miracle I manage to bag the interview and am chosen as delegate, I CANNOT GO ON STAGE AND ENCOURAGE HUNDREDS OF STRANGE GIRLS TO VOTE FOR ME.
I’d end of a) puking b) fainting c) laughing hysterically before bursting into tears and crying for my mommy or d) all of the above.
What should I do, folks? My parent’s (Dad) are super excited, and on some level, so am I. But can I do it? Yoda would probably give me some advice like, “Never know till try, you will.” So if anyone actually bothered to read through all this, any realistic advice for a freaking out teen?

Peace, Love, & Coffee~~


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