Mean Girls-Inspiring Song

I ran across this song by accident, and I think it’s amazing. This happens to so many girls, and people make fun of them if they’re cutters, suicidal, ‘goth’, downers. Nobody ever really questions why, or wonders if they might have a part in it. Please listen and spread this song, it’s very touching and might help someone.


3 thoughts on “Mean Girls-Inspiring Song

  1. Thank-you for sharing this song. I will use it in my workshops and coaching. I was bullied and made fun of as a child so I understand how painful it can be. These problems normally come from poor parenting. Parents who don’t teach their children how to be confident are allowing them to be prey for bullies. Parents who are abusive or violent with their children are teaching them to be bullies. We can all help each other by stepping in when we see someone being bullied and showing kindness to them.

  2. Reblogged this on imconfident and commented:
    We all need to take a stand against bullying. If you see someone being bullied, step in and support them. Remember that you can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Standing by and letting things happen is just reinforcing bad behaviour. Always show kindness to others and be a good example.

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