Quick Rage Reliever

I plan on posting a very long entry on this subject.  The subject of how hatred, fear, and discrimination has shaped America into something ugly. Today I happened to go on Yahoo news and was absolutely disgusted and horrified to find what some people had commented on about a post talking about the Nypd spying on Muslims. The things that people said have put me in a bad mood all day. Things like “Muslims should be shot on the spot” and how they “deserved it” and they should all just go back to theit country. Call me sheltered, but I had no idea it had gotten this bad in terms of the Muslim communities relations with America. Whether or not you agree with the faith, its downright inhumane and terrible to degrade them as people because of what they believe. Thats practically regressing this country to its worst eras. Its just horrible, and I can’t stand it. More later.


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