Anti-Islamic Sentiment & An Alarming Stupidity Rate


I am so done. I am so DONE with the assholery in people these days.

I blame media. I could go on and on, but for now, for anyone who’s not Muslim who happens to be reading this, let me clarify a few things:

1) Do not believe the people who quote random verses of the Quran and cite it as reasons why Islam is militant and evil and bla bla bla. These people cherry-pick verses, translate them on Google, without ever bothering to figure out the context. I could say, “I shot fifteen of them,” and that alone sounds incriminating. But what I said was, “We were playing laser tag, and I won. I shot fifteen of them. Everyone had to buy me pizza.” COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MEANING, RIGHT? But no, these people pick some verse from Surah that they probably couldn’t even pronounce, Google translate, and voila! They look like they have legitimate evidence to back their claims. Don’t try to argue with these people. Your desk has a higher level of comprehension.

2) If, say, there are 16,000 ‘Islamist’ terrorists in the world, that still wouldn’t make 0.001 percent of the Muslim population in the world. What about the rest of us Muslims? Why are we stigmatized because a few crack pots kidnap kids and justify it because they had some imaginary divine calling? I don’t know what religion those psychos prescribe to, but it’s not Islam. My point is, there are so, so many more Muslims in the world that shop in grocery stores, worry about their homework, if their favorite team will win the championships, if these jeans make them look fat.

3) If you don’t believe in Islam, that’s fine. You are entitled to your faith and your beliefs. But aren’t we entitled to ours?

4) For the people who keep throwing the argument that Muslim women in third world countries are stoned, or lashed, or forced into marriage as soon as they hit puberty: stop. Just…stop. I lived in a ‘third-world country’ for two years. It didn’t work out because of personal reasons, and we came back to America. I’m as American as they come. And let me tell you, I saw no women being stoned, not rivers of blood as the gestapo whipped a sobbing woman. Nope. A little nugget of info: if the cherry-pickers would bother actually understanding the Quran, they’d know it was meant to change with the times. It’s principles and doctrines stay the same, of course. But things like punishment and civil law change. This has happened all over the world. Capital punishment in Europe was outlawed. I don’t think anyone uses Chinese water torture anymore. Most American states have outlawed the death penalty. So if that could change, is it such a stretch that the Qurans punishment clauses are based on era?

5) I’m not going to act like a ten year old and say, “But they did it too!”. Let me just say: Crusades. Salem Witch Trials. Pogroms. Holocaust. Ya know, just to name a few.

6) There are extremists in every religion in the world. There are always going to be wackos who are chemically imbalanced and think a good way to get their point across is to kidnap hundreds of little girls and threaten to sell them into slavery.

7) Almost all terrorists cite political reasons for why they do what they do. They’re unhappy with their government, so they use religion as an umbrella to cause anarchy. Just look at what’s happening now- the terrorist group is unhappy with Western schooling. I won’t even pretend to understand that logic, but it’s not religious. Nowhere in any religious text in the world does it say, “and thou shalt not be taught mitochondria”


So…to end this long post, I’m going to post the link to the amazing man inspired me. He’s British, and I can only hope I have his skills someday. Here it is:

Hopefully it works. I’m wondering, now that they scandalous secret of my religion has been revealed, how many people are going to prove my point and unfollow me. I hope not. I really hope people are better than pettiness like that.

I should really start my math homework.


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