American Pharaoh



Yes, yes, I’m sure you’ve all been utterly bereft without my winning and hilarious posts (ha-ha) but I’ve returned to cure you of your misery. I was in Egypt, in case anyone was wondering, for the entire summer. It took some time to adjust to the differences there, and I had one hell of a craving for Little Caesar’s (a craving which is no longer existent after gorging myself on 4 slices), but I truly enjoyed my time. There’s something…I don’t know. I revel in America because of the comfort, the safety, the predictability. But in Egypt, there’s just this edge of mystery, of taking your life in your hands. Your time is your own. You are master of your own destiny. And I have a lot of really cute little cousins. Apparently I love kids and the feeling is mutual. 

So, anyhow, school starts in a few days (I wasn’t left with much time to regroup) and for those of you who paid attention to my mathematical misery, you’ll be relieved to know you don’t have to listen to constant bitching, as I’ve decided to take Statistics (aka easy A). 

I’ll post my schedule when I get it. 

It’s good to be back, folks. 


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