It’s Out! It’s About! Come and Get It!


I’m not crazy about this cover, but I’m satisfied with it, and I actually prefer what’s inside, so….

IT’S PUBLISHED! AT LAST! TBBD is a reality and I’m so happy! Honestly, my first thought wasn’t what I would make because let’s be realistic. But the idea that people will read my book, people I don’t know it different areas of the world…it blows my mind. Thanks to all my readers. Without their support I’d probably have gotten distracted and lost interest around Chapter 10.

So, if by chance any of you are fans or even interested in the book, buy it and support a new college student and if you buy it, send me a picture of you with it! I’ll post it on my social media sites with the #TBBD and your name (so #TBBD_Katy)Also, I have a giveaway listed, if any of you would like to join that on Goodreads (it’s currently pending approval for 2 days but you can add it in the meantime).

*shriek* I’m so happy! Also I had my orientation a couple of days ago, so get ready for some serious digressing!

Link to my book here!

Peace, Love, & Coffee~~


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