The Stars In Your Eyes (COMING SOON)



The Stars In Your Eyes (COMING SOON)

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“You can’t save me.Why do you keep trying?” he whispered. I rested my head against his chest. “Because you’re saving me.” Sophia is starting college in a new state, away from her grief-ridden past. She wants a fresh start, with her cat Poe by her side, and to find her place. The last thing she expected was for a boy with blue eyes and scars deeper than she could imagine to throw her plans out the window


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Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

*giggles hysterically*

Phew. Okay. So I feel really bad that I’ve been absent for WordPress for so long. I love blogging, it’s relaxing, and it never fails to amaze me that there are people out there-not obligated by friendship or living with me- that actually want to hear my take on things. Thanks for that.¬†

So, recap: I have a best friend, and she’s adorable. She’s obsessed with One Direction, she’s hilarious, likes finding new ways to discreetly flip me off, and verbally kicks my ass if I procrastinate hw. I still procrastinate, but you know, it would take a much higher power to get me to do my math homework.¬†



Anywho, Finals are like a week and a half away and I’m fricking terrified. Why am I blogging this at like 4:30 am? Shouldn’t I be asleep, like a good little nerd? Why, the answer is because I took a study break, got distracted, drank coffee, and now I am literally laughing at everything. WISH ME LUCK!

OKAY. I have some beef with New Adult romances (why am I reading New Adult blah blah blah I’m going to be 17 on February 12 and it says +17. Plus at least I’m reading stuff with sexual content than going out and actually doing it. A girl’s gotta have something).¬†



Alright, so about these books…WHY THE HELL ARE THEY ALL THE SAME? It’s like they’re following a checklist to make their book fall into the neat tidy NA slot

  1. Characters can’t take a normal amount of time to feel attraction or love, no. It’s like the minute they see each other, it’s like, “You man. Fill me with child. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Image
  2. THE SEX. Seriously? So many of the virgins (YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU ANA STEELE) seem to ENJOY their first time. And from what I’ve heard, it SUCKS. How could bleeding from having your flesh torn through be ENJOYABLE? I’d be punching him in the face and telling him to get the hell off me. But apparently, first-time sex is like, “Ermagerd, how have I not been doing this since I was 12” . It’s either that, or they were quite¬†slutty¬†*ehm*¬†sexually liberal.¬†The normal girl is seldom found within the sexual fantasy of these books.¬†
  3. UNSTABLE MEN. Seriously, ladies, PLEASE do not tell me your chill with these men. Sure, it must romantic for a time having an overprotective, alpha-male and whatnot, but personally, I’d get sick of his shit¬†real fast.¬†Nobody, I repeat¬†nobody, gets to freaking dictate what I do or do not wear, eat, go, etc. If I want to hang out with my friends, which MAY OR MAY NOT INCLUDE A GUY (but if you’ve been reading my posts I am a total freak around boys, so my guy friends are few) ¬†your insecure ARSE -oh yeah went British- will not stop me. GET A THERAPIST. And that goes for the women who think that their men will grow out this phase. Take it from a set of fresh eyes-THEY WILL NOT. Men don’t change. It’s like their basic principle, and I even know that, and I turn tomato red when I talk to a hot guy. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Image
  4. THE SAME RECYCLED PLOTLINES. Honestly, if I see one more book about a normal, average girl that somehow gets the hottest guy in the freaking universe drooling over her Converse, I’m going to pull a Carrie (my first Stephen King book, chills people). Us Normal Nancys don’t need a gorgeous guy to be happy. At least for me. If he can make me laugh, buys me chocolate, and lets me rant bout¬†The Vampire Diaries¬†(so excited for the next episode but if the clips are true and Damon kills Matt, the producers will feel the wrath of a wronged teenage girl.) I will offer him my heart on a damn silver platter.¬†Image
  5. GUY/GIRL ACTS LIKE A DOUCHE AND PUSHES THE OTHER AWAY-¬†Seriously! Yeah you have issues and that sucks, but you have someone besides you who actually gives a shit, so pick up your freaking balls/ vagina and start using it! If the relationship, is one-sided, it’s not a relationship. It’s a Kardashians episode.Image

There’s much more I could say (as always), but it’s 5 now and I need to at least try to sleep so I don’t drool on my stinking math book tomorrow. And for any people who happen to be reading my Wattpad book,¬†The Bad Boy’s Dance¬†has over 22K reads! And some of my readers leave the most adorable comments. But that’s a tangent for another day.¬†


  • This Man¬†series by Jodi Ellen Malpas
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Bared To You
  • One Week Girlfriend
  • Tangled
  • Music of the Heart
  • Tangled
  • Exquisite
  • Leave Me Breathless
  • Knight and Play
  • The Mighty Storm
  • Love Left Behind
  • Wallbanger
  • The RedHead Revealed
  • In Flight
  • On Dublin Street

And that barely scratches the surface.

Still wondering why I never do math homework?

Teen Love- Fact or Fiction?


I’ll start by saying I’m certainly no expert in love. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t date. Quite frankly, I don’t mesh well with high school boys. They call me ‘hypersensitive’ and I call them irritating pricks. I’m not a biyatch-most times, anyway- I just have a tendency to tell you if your annoying me.

Before I go off into a tangent….

Teen love. Does it truly exist? Is love different for adults than it is for us emotional, hormonal teenagers?


You see, we live in this fantasy that one day our night in shining armor will sweep us off our feet and away from our droll lives. We still haven’t faced the reality that someday we might have to be the knight, and someday that knight might be in disguise. We have crushes by the boatload, infatuations, nights were we listen to soulful music and wonder why we are so inadequate as to not have the Disney romance.


Example 1:

My friend Katrina. We met in middle school, at the end of eighth grade. We went to different high schools, because she was a whimsical, free spirit that wanted to become a model or actress. We kept in touch, and I was updated when she went on her first date and got her first kiss from a boy named Doofus. When I met Doofus in person the day her parents were throwing her a surprise party, he seemed…okay. Not funny, witty, attractive, or any adjective to make him very special. But what did I know, right? I didn’t like the guy, and I made that pretty clear.

There relationship sped up…in a certain department. She started doing things she shouldn’t have, and her parents found out. And they called me to try to mediate her, since I’m her ‘level-headed’ friend.

Um, you haven’t seen me when I’m watching Vampire Diaries, there is nothing level-headed about that.

Anyway, she came over and told me how far she’d gone, we discussed it, and she called him while I was there and put him on speaker. The spineless SOB was worried about how his own parents were going to react and kept freaking out and blaming Katrina.

Aw, that’s surely a keeper.

Long story short, he dumped her. She started dating this other guy, Brad. She breaks up with Brad because it ‘wasn’t meant to be’. Admits she still has feelings for Doofus.

So that’s a NO in the Teen Love success rate.


Example 2:

My childhood best friend who I still keep in touch with, Kelly. She’s been dating Paul for almost a year, and she hasn’t gone as far physically in their relationship as Katrina did in three months. He’s in some type of program that trains teens for the military at school (Not boot camp) so he’s a pretty stand-up guy. He takes care of Kelly, and he’s very protective of her. He texts her like, every hour, to check on her and sometimes make sure another guy isn’t wooing her. That’s the only thing that bugs me about him. How easily jealous he gets. But other than that, he’s a good guy.

That’s a high-five for teen love!


Example Three: 

My friend Dana. Dana and I have had…issues in the past. Our personalities severely crash. She’s a rule-follower, letter or the law type of girl, and I live by the philosophy ‘Viva La Vida, baby!’ . Amusingly enough, she decided she didn’t want AP or Honors classes because they were taking over her life while I kept them. So why isn’t she willing to live that life to the fullest?

That’s a different rant.

Anyhow, Dana went out with this boy, George, but she broke up with him. At my house. During my sleepover. Over the phone. Apparently, there was no spark and he annoyed her. I discovered he was bisexual later, but she didn’t really believe me. So her first dating experience as a flop, to say the least.

Dana’s reserved, serious, and intellectual. She’s into art, graphic design, and she’s a math whiz. So no, she’s not much of a romantic. We’ve had endless conversations about when she got a boyfriend, and now she finally has a crush.

I’m still waiting on how that’s going to turn out, because while I don’t know the guy personally, Facebook pretty much revealed that he’s popular, out-going, party-loving…pretty much the polar opposite of Dana. That’s not to say Dana isn’t fun or doesn’t like to have fun. But there are different brands of fun.

So I’m still waiting to see how that turns out. Lemme know if you guys want me to post about it once something happens or not.


My Opinion:

We’re all going to find love someday, in some form. I’m a romantic, ¬†okay? I want to be swept off my feet, find a guy who can handle my many ‘quirks’ and be my shoulder to lean on. He doesn’t have to look like Alex Pettyfer or Ian Somerhalder. He just has to¬†capture me.¬†It should be the same for every girl, but I don’t know if that’s the case. Quite frankly, good looks don’t last. I care more if he can make me laugh ten years from now than if he has a six-pack.

But I don’t think my knight is going to be riding in until college, thankfully. For me, once I make an emotional connection with a guy-that’s it. As I mentioned, most boys¬†annoy¬†, or I’m indifferent to them. So here’s hoping that that won’t always be the case.


What do you guys think? Is Teen Love Fact or Fiction? Got any advice for my friends up there? 

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Prone To Kill


This picture does not belong to me, nor is it the logo for this book. It just looks pretty freaking awesome.

So I’m going to rebel and deviate from my usual gloomy/hopeful/ random topics to this one. Prone To Kill is the title of the newest book I am working on. Oh, don’t be so quick to mock me and say that everyone is writing a book nowadays. One of my books is already published, but under a pseudonym. Not to mention I was the top reader of my elementary school uncontested for five years (yeah, so I was a geek), and Language Arts I am a class prodigy. I just suck at math and science. Prone To Kill is the title I’m choosing for now, but it’s not rock solid yet. I’ll give you guys the overview, and if anyone has any title¬†recommendations or notes, throw ’em at me!

Rokzana Varevna is a Russian assassin. Her parents were killed by American agents in front of her eyes as a child, and the Council, a top-secret dictatorial body governing Russia took her in. Rokzana and her baby brother Alexei lived in peace for a year, maybe, before the Council under Svetlana started to make their demands. Knowing the unnatural power Rokzana possessed in her, they needed Rokzana to be their ultimate weapon, and the only command they gave was the only one she refused to fulfill. 


Years of torture and abuse haunted Rokzana until she gave in to protect Alexei. Soon she was Russia’s most feared¬†assassin, never seen but hanging like a¬†guillotine over the heads of those who dared disobey the Council.

But something changes. An American threat has caused a rift in the Council, and soon Rokzana’s next mission might be the deadliest yet: travel to South Dakota, USA to find and spy on a group of teenagers that threatened to change everything. Suppressing her hatred of the nation that killed her parents, Rokzana merges into the sea of Americans at Dante’s Therapeutic Boarding School. There, she slowly discovers the horrors that haunt the school, the secret society lying under the calm surface, and a gang that chilled her blood. Fighting to maintain her cover under the suspicious Headmistress, the spies the Council had sent to check on her, and the group of talented teenagers, Rokzana discovers that another threat was on the already teeming horizon. Gabriel Calloway, an enigmatic student holds all the answers in his palm, but as Rokzana grows closer and closer to him, danger lurks in the corner. Will she be able to sacrifice her heart for the good of her country, or will she finally open her eyes and discover the secrets of the past, unlock the truth about herself and her powers, and ultimately destroy every truth she has ever known?

Okay, I realize that synopsis rather sucked, but I’m drinking copious amounts of coffee and procrastinating my work. I’ll post random updates about the book, more details and the expected publication date. I sincerely hope this book works, because I am sick and TIRED of people underestimating teenagers, and putting them down. Sure, we have us some bad bunches, but I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said that adults aren’t perfect either. Let’s see where this goes, hmm?¬†